HR & Admin

The Human Resource and Administration department of Interconsumer Products Limited works towards enhancing the capacity of the company to effectively deliver on its mandate. The department aims at acquiring, building and retaining human capacity to provide quality, efficient and effective services. It provides strategic and day to day support to the various departments of the commission and ensures that the company has the human capacity to deliver on its mandate.

The departments function ensures that human resources and administration policy guidelines are in place, correctly interpreted and fairly applied relating to its various functions of planning, recruitment and selection, discipline/grievance handling, compensation, employee relations, staff welfare, staff training and development, Performance Management and staff career growth and succession plans, asset management, utilities and office maintenance and statutory compliance.

Sales & Marketing

This includes all the merchandizers, sales reps, regional managers, territorial managers, brand ambassadors, marketing admins and marketing assistants among others with a key task of market penetration and building sales.

The vibrant team consists of a Marketing department in charge of promotions which includes advertising, social media, public relations, event sponsorship, cause marketing, discounts, loyalty programs, rebates, trade show appearances and buyer’s clubs. The sales and marketing team decides which publications to advertise in, which TV, radio or websites are best for promoting the company’s products or services, and what contests, giveaways, discounts or other marketing methods will help it boost sales.

The Sales department looks to maintaining and expanding the customer base to make sure constant orders are relayed to the HQ, serviced and dispatched for delivery countrywide and in the process managing customer relationships with the company.

Customer service

The Customer service department of Interconsumer Products Limited is tasked with servicing customer orders and queries in a timely and consistent manner. Orders are received electronically through different communication and technological channels, from the field sales representatives, input and/or uploaded into an ERP and finally processed and invoiced under the specific customer account.

The team also through different contact channels receives customer queries and services them or forwards them to the respective department of concern if need be.

Finance & Accounts

The Finance and Accounting Department provides cost effective and efficient accounting and financial management services to Interconsumer Products Limited.

Timely, accurate, clear and complete financial information is provided through budget and financial reporting, management information systems, forecasting and procedure development.

The department responsible for the organizations cash flow, account payables, filling taxes in due time, bookkeeping, inventory accounting, budgeting and forecasting etc.

Credit & Risk Management

The Credit control department is generally involved in the reviewing and approval of new accounts, which includes the establishment of payment terms. The department is also responsible for the placing and releasing of credit holds on accounts and orders. The credit control department altogether establishes credit lines to ensure smooth running of customer accounts.

The department also ensures that there is a process in place to review credit lines on an ongoing basis. The credit control department performs analysis on customers’ financial statements as well as utilizing other available data such as payment performance, credit agency data, sales data and potentially reaching out to references.

They are also responsible for the research and resolution of disputes and deductions and more importantly, the research into the root cause of such issues to limit future disputes/deductions.


Procurement Department is responsible for the facilitation of procurement function for the company. It oversees the establishment and implementation of procurement policies and procedures aimed at enhancing integrity, timely service delivery and value for money. It monitors the procurement processes to ensure consistency with relevant legislative frameworks.
The objectives of the Department are:

  • To procure materials economically at a cost consistent with the quality and service required.
  • To provide the necessary expertise, advice, information to other departments with regard to best quality of materials available in the market.
  • To develop and maintain good supplier relationships.
  • To maintain the company’s reputation and credibility in the market by fair dealings and prompt payments.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The ICT Department at Interconsumer Products limited is responsible for management, maintenance and operation the companies ICT infrastructure. The department is also tasked with making sure all the other departments ICT needs are met to user satisfaction.

Quality Control (QC)

The Quality Control department ensures all the manufactured and imported products meet the set standards of both the company and the national regulating body, Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). The department also handles and responds to customer queries and feedback regarding quality issues.


The Engineering Department at Interconsumer Products limited is responsible for management, maintenance and operation the company’s production and engineering machines and hardware, to make sure that production of different brands goes on automated and as scheduled with minimal interruptions.

Production & Stores

The Production department that is responsible for converting raw materials and other inputs into finished goods. In between the processes of production, the department works to improve the efficiency of the production or assembly line so that it can meet the output targets set by company management and ensure finished products offer consumers the best value and quality.

The Stores Department is tasked with Warehousing of both finished goods and raw materials and there flow from the production floor to the finished goods warehouse. Also the department in charge of stock taking and inventory accounting.

Dispatch & Logistics

The Dispatch & Logistics department at Interconsumer Products Limited is responsible for dispatch and delivery of finished products to the customers on time and in splendid condition. The department uses fleet management technologies to monitor movement of trucks and vans to different locations in the country.