About Us


Interconsumer Products Limited is a 100% Kenyan owned Company and has been in the manufacturing business for the last 20 years. Our brands are well known and include amongst others All-Tyme Sanitary Pads, Bouncy Baby Diapers and Golden Shine shoe polish.


Our vision is to be the largest preferred local manufacturer and provider of personal care and hygiene brands in Kenya.


Our mission is to create and provide everyday use personal care and hygiene brands for every home in Kenya which presents value for money.

The Future

Interconsumer shareholders plan to expand its business in areas which will truly benefit all Kenyans at large by creating sustainable employment both directly and indirectly, offering affordable products that meet the needs of consumers.
We pride ourselves to be a truly Kenyan company which has over the years contributed positively to our beloved Nation of Kenya.


Interconsumer Products Limited is a success story of Kenya’s industrial innovativeness. The business started as a sole proprietorship in 1994. In December 1996 the business was incorporated into a limited company.
Over the early years Interconsumer Products Ltd continued to be innovative and has taken the lead in manufacturing and distribution of Baby Care and Feminine Hygiene products which are well researched and formulated to suit the needs of our target market. Interconsumer commands a substantial market share both in the local, East African Community(EAC) and the COMESA markets.

Core Values

Our core values are quality, teamwork, innovation, trust, customer focus, respect and commitment to all stakeholders.